A Day or a week in Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

The Tepla river flowing through the middle of Karlovy Vary in January

If you like Spa towns you will enjoy Karlovy Vary also known as Carlsbad, named after Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. Karlovy Vary is located in western Czech near the German border where the Ohře and Teplá rivers flow.

The healing springs of Karlovy Vary attract millions of people each year. In its heyday, Chopin, Beethoven, Goethe and Peter the Great all frequented Karlovy Vary for its healing, sulfur-rich waters. The mineral waters come from natural springs which are housed colonnades. The largest of the springs, the Mill Colonnade is the most popular.

In addition to the thermal springs, rock climbers will enjoy Svatošské skály, or "Rock Town" as it is known. Situated between Karlovy Vary and the town of Loket. Kayaking, hiking, and bicycling are also possible during the warmer months. More information about the Svato Rocks and the spas of Karlovy Vary can be found on their official website.

Also located in this lovely town is the Grande Hotel Pupp which hosts the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Some of you probably remember that the Grande Pupp was a major location in 2006 for the filming of "The Last Holiday", starring Queen Latifa, as well as the James Bond film "Casino Royale".

Karlovy Vary is only 30 minutes from the town of Cheb where the famous Asian Dragon Market is located. If you enjoy the flea market atmosphere where a lot of knock off designer purses and sunglasses nice glassware sets are sold you will want to stop off here on your way to Karlovy Vary - oh and if you are here near lunchtime, they do have a couple of restaurants that offer Asian food.

One final note for you film buffs out here, Karlovy Vary has hosted the largest International Film Festival (IFF) in Europe annually since 1946. Attended through the years by artists such as Rita Hayworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Richard Gere...this is a gala event! There is still plenty of time to plan if you would like to attend this year, the dates are June 30 - July 8, 2017. Ticket information can be found on the KVIFF website. Na zdraví!