8 really kool things to do in Amsterdam: Tulips - Biking - Windmills - Museums - Red Light District

It's that time of year again. - people came from all over the globe in April to see the tulips blooming in Amsterdam. I missed the flower parade this time but there is always next year...and besides...there is sooo much more to this great city than just looking at beautiful flowers....:)

I can't even remember how many times I have been to Amsterdam and there are still so many things I have yet to do or see. I have biked all around the city, and although it was a bit hairy at times I would do it again! One thing I haven't done yet is bike the Dutch countryside. I've done some research though and I think I will check out Waterland on one of my next trips, weather permitting of course. From what I have read it is a fairly simple trek for anyone who likes to bike but is wary of biking in busy Amsterdam. Bicycles can be rented from any of several places near the train station. Once you have your rental bike, head directly behind the Centraal Station where you will find the dock for the free ferry at Buiksloterweg or IJplein to get across to the other side. I have done this on foot with some friends but they were not into biking so I will do that another time!

A Bakfiets (Cargo Bike) is a Dutch bicycle with a utility cart on the front to transport kids and other things. Normally they look like a small red wagon that sits on the front of the bike but I found one with a wooden shoe cart...much more interesting don't you think??!!

If you are up for a game of pool the Red Light Bar ... in the Red Light District of course, is a nice place to visit...it is a really popular spot so beware that it can get pretty busy on the weekends.

The bartenders are pretty friendly at the Red Light too..if they aren't too busy and you ask nicely they'll happily snap a photo of you and your friends!

We normally stay right in the Red Light area but I'd previously stayed at House Boat Gezina owned by Ineke and Paul, a very nice couple, the house-boat is located on IJbahnpaad in Zuid Amsterdam with some of my girlfriends and we absolutely loved it, so I talked my hubby into staying there on our last trip. It is a ways out from the city center, about 20 minutes by tram. Keep in mind that if you stay anywhere outside of the central area, the trams stop at 1130 pm so you will need to know which night bus (located behind Centraal Station) will get you as close as possible to your area or alternatively, you could take a cab. The bus is much cheaper though, I think we paid around 5 Euros for two people.

During this short trip we didn't visit any of the many Museums in Amsterdam. I've already been to most of them however and I recommend that you make reservations ahead for the fast-track entrance, such as the one for the Anne Frank House to avoid the long lines! And who could visit Amsterdam without snagging a video of yourself lip sinking to Abba at the Heineken Brewery or a visit to view some the beautiful windmills in one of the various locations! Ahhhh - Adios Amsterdam...until we meet again my friend!

Are there any kewl things or places you would like to share with us about Amsterdam?